ul kunngjør nye 3dmark-benchmarks for testing av pcie-ytelse gjennom generasjoner - Den

UL kunngjør nye 3DMark-benchmarks for testing av PCIe-ytelse over generasjoner

UL Benchmarks via its 3DMark product have announced that they'll be introducing a new, comprehensive test that aims to test PCIe bandwidth across generations. Citing the introduction of PCIe 4.0 to the masses - soon available in the consumer market via AMD's Ryzen 3000 series release - UL wants users to be able to know what a difference this makes towards allowing for more complex games and scenarios that aren't data-constrained by PCIe 3.0.

3D Mark PCIe Performance Test blir gjort tilgjengelig i sommer gratis for 3DMark Advanced Edition og for 3DMark Professional Edition-kunder med gyldig årlig lisens.