AMD Memory Tweak Tool lar deg OC og Tweak AMD Radeon Memory Timings On-the-fly

Eliovp, who describes himself on GitHub as a Belgian (crypto) mining enthusiast, created what could go down as the best thing that happened to AMD Radeon users all decade. The AMD Memory Tweak Tool is a Windows and Linux based GUI utility that lets you not just overclock AMD Radeon graphics card memory on the fly, but also lets you tweak its memory timings. Most timings apply live, while your machine is running within Windows/Linux GUI, some require memory retraining via a reboot, which means they can't be changed at this time, because rebooting reverts the timings to default. The author is trying to figure out a way to run memory training at runtime, which would let you change those timings, too, in the future. While you're at it, the tool also lets you play with GPU core frequency and fan-control.

AMD Memory Tweak-verktøyet støtter både Windows og Linux (GUI), og fungerer med alle nylige AMD Radeon GPUer med GDDR5 og HBM2 minnetyper. Det krever at Radeon Software Adrenalin 19.4.1 eller nyere i tilfelle Windows, eller amdgpu-pro ROCM skal håndtere GPU i tilfelle Linux. Linux-versjonen har videre noen avhengigheter, for eksempel pciutils-dev, libpci-dev, build-essential og git. De
Kildekoden for verktøyet ligger på GitHub for deg å inspisere og teste.

NEDLASTING: AMD Memory Tweak Tool av Eliovp